Welcome to Sports Car Hangar Sydney, the ultimate sports & luxury car rental in Sydney, where your dreams are complete, experiences are discovered and adrenaline rushes are constant. We are conveniently positioned in Arncliffe, just 15 minutes from the Sydney CBD however, we provide a first class service. With free delivery to your hotel or residence within a 15km radius from our Hangar, you know that you are a VIP to us. For car hire greater than 6 days, there are no restrictions for delivery within NSW.

If you are a regular hirer of our Supercars or luxury sports cars, you are eligible to receive our Silver Membership card (free of cost) and enjoy our membership car hire rates. If you qualify for our Gold Membership, you are provided with even higher discounted rates and in some cases, additional free days!

Sydney provides multiple destinations from the eastern coastline to the country regions such as the Hunter Valley, your choices of where to drive your chosen supercar or luxury sports car are enormous. We can provide you with driving itineraries upon the commencement of your car hire consisting of some great coastal drive ideas. We want you to enjoy your experience with us from start to finish and we provide 24 hour support during your car hire. We provide Chauffeured services as well.

We value our business relationships with every customer and welcome you to try us, become part of an integral part of our business.

We also provide luxury car hire in Melbourne.

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